Lidl: Ode To Bakery

@lidlgb Lidl bakery x N-Trance = a certified banger and we want YOU to feature on it! 🎤 This could be the first song to feature lyrics about an all butter croissant… 😆 #openversechallenge #lidl #lidlbakery ♬ Set You Free (feat. Tricia McTeague) – With Tricia McTeague parody vocal re-record – N-Trance

Lidl launched on TikTok at the end of July and we knew we needed a big bang moment to announce ourselves on the platform. 

Introducing “Ode to Bakery”, a re-recording of N-Trance’s iconic 90’s hit ‘Set You Free’ – but in this version, all the lyrics are based on real customers’ tweets about their love of the Lidl bakery.  

The objective of this campaign was to drive brand love and awareness of Lidl’s presence on TikTok, while also hoping to encourage new followers to our fledgling account.

We knew that the success of Ode to Bakery would live or die based on how platform-native the execution was. 

Our first consideration was the music. We know that a sound-on experience is key for TikTok and an engaging sound can go viral if used correctly. To make our sound more interactive, we turned the song into an Open Verse Challenge, a beloved TikTok trend encouraging viewers to duet the song and fill the two-line gap with their own lyrics. 

To help inspire as many duets as possible, we enlisted a range of macro and micro TikTok creators to sing their hearts out about the Lidl Bakery. 

The next consideration was the visuals. We didn’t want the content to feel too polished or ad-like as we know this doesn’t work well with a TikTok audience, so we opted for a lo-fi green screen set up that felt truly platform-native. 


  • 20.9 million impressions
  • View-through rate of 39%
  • Click-through rate of 1%

But the success story extends beyond the platform. A comprehensive brand lift study revealed an astonishing 32.3% ad recall uplift. The campaign not only captured attention but also positively influenced brand favourability and recommendation for Lidl’s bakery offerings.

This achievement is a testament to the power of collaboration. Working hand-in-hand with Accenture Song and OMD UK, we orchestrated a campaign that struck the right chords with the audience and left a lasting impression.