Telling brand stories for the digital age

Coolr creates content at the speed of culture.

Content production that scales from an on-set crew of fifty people to a one person shoot on a mobile phone and everything in between – the Coolr Studio team are experts at social-first content production.

We produce hundreds of pieces of content every month, for both organic and paid campaigns, tailoring our content approach to each individual social media platform. 

The team at Coolr Studios brings expertise from some of the biggest social publishers on the planet to help create engaging and relatable content for brands across their own channels.


From one-off 360 hero campaigns and activations to repeatable formats and franchises for a specific social media channel, the team are experienced in concepting, creating and activating content that stops thumbs. 

We’ve been in the studio with iconic musician Nile Rodgers who created a bespoke jingle for Free Now, made some ASMR with Michael Dapaah for Pepsi and launch Trainline onto TikTok, creating all of their content across three markets.

Coolr is an independent social media agency that can help you through the noise with your social content production.

Content Production Case Studies