What We Do

A new breed of digital agency.

Coolr has masterminded some of the most talked about campaigns and brand moments across social

Coolr is on a mission to reinvent water cooler moments for the digital age. Our social-first, mobile-first approach, combined with epic creative and social storytelling at the heart of everything we do, has transformed brands on social: inside and out.

We’re pretty unique in the digital space. We bring together big agency thinking with the speed and agility of a social publishing platform, and we’ve carved out a reputation for our award-winning work at the speed of social.

Operating at the cutting edge of digital, we work with some of most high-profile consumer brands, devising original and game-changing new ways for brands to connect with audiences at scale. 

From hero campaigns, to always-on social, Coolr is a full-service social agency that helps brands unleash the power of social.


Social media is a moving target and at Coolr, we help brands to win in this ever-changing landscape. 

And that only happens with a clearly defined plan.

All our client engagements begin by defining a social-first strategy and developing a roadmap for success.

The process starts with a 360-degree social review and audit, this is driven by data, industry and platform insights as well as creative evaluation in equal measure to help define the best way forward.

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At Coolr, we are famous for developing world-famous campaign ideas that cut through the noise and create the stand-out trending moments for brands.

Our specialism is developing social-first thinking; ideas that live naturally in the social media universe while remaining true to the brand.

We know from experience that any brand touch point on social media has the opportunity to become a big moment and our creative teams place equal emphasis on big campaign activations and launches as they do on an individual tweet or even a comment or reply. 

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Coolr creates content at the speed of culture.

Content production that scales from an on-set crew of fifty people to a one person shoot on a mobile phone and everything in between – the Coolr Studio team are experts at social-first content production.We produce hundreds of pieces of content every month, for both organic and paid campaigns, tailoring our content approach to each individual social media platform.

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Immersing ourselves in the latest digital and social trends isn’t just part of the job, it’s our world.

Whether it’s custom AR filters, stand out GIFs, chatbots, addictive reels, the latest TikTok trend, or a livestream to millions across the globe, we’ll find the most original way to tell your story. 

We also lead the game when it comes to platform innovation. Part science and part art, we understand how to navigate algorithms to make your content more discoverable, shareable, relevant and engaging.

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Influencer and creator marketing has helped up reach content hungry audiences at scale. We help brands produce authentic and credible content in partnership with brand fans and creative individuals. 

At Coolr, we believe in embedding creators and influencer activity into the overarching brand social strategy. We would never treat creators and influencers as a siloed programme.

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Our dedicated editorial team of copywriters, community managers and social creatives are known to lead the way in the industry.

Totally plugged into the world of social culture, they are constantly monitoring social media for opportunities to elevate our client’s presence in this space.

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At Coolr, we care about every post, tweet and comment, and will relentlessly measure and optimise your campaign to make sure it’s hitting your social goals. 

We tap into a suite of analytical tools to help understand our clients’ world, while native channel insights enable us to deep dive into the day-to-day minutiae of each social channel, gathering insights and powering our agile ‘always on’ approach.

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Coolr is an official creative partner of TikTok working with some of the world’s biggest brands.

We have launched numerous global and national brands onto the TikTok platform, developing authentic and meaningful organic and paid content.

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