Unlocking your brand’s potential

At Coolr, we care about every post, tweet and comment, and will relentlessly measure and optimise your campaign to make sure it’s hitting your social goals. 

We tap into a suite of analytical tools to help understand our clients’ world, while native channel insights enable us to deep dive into the day-to-day minutiae of each social channel, gathering insights and powering our agile ‘always on’ approach.

Our internal newsroom monitors real-time social conversations across platforms and interrogates spike alerts to identify trending conversations. This intel is the social gold dust that guarantees our clients turn up at the right time, on the right platform, with the right message.

We’re obsessed with measuring but don’t waste time with vanity metrics. We measure the things that matter to our clients and provide regular and bespoke reporting to both evaluate success and inform the next phase of our strategy.

We’ll constantly optimise performance, compiling weekly round-ups of key platform insights and monthly reports unpacking channel health, key learnings and opportunities.

Speak to Coolr, an independent social media agency, to discover the power of your analytics.

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