Connecting brands with audiences at scale

Influencer and creator marketing has helped up reach content hungry audiences at scale. We help brands produce authentic and credible content in partnership with brand fans and creative individuals. At Coolr, we believe in embedding creators and influencer activity into the overarching brand social strategy. We would never treat creators and influencers as a siloed programme.

We’ve created award winning, results driven influencer and creator-based activities for brands like Pepsi, Samsung, Burger and Deliveroo. Partnerships we’ve developed span from long term strategic ambassador programmes to individual localist nano creator content around passion points and content styles. 

Our experienced influencer department work alongside our social strategy and creative teams to ensure a consistent and impactful programme of activity.


The work we deliver around influencers is an end-to-end offering, from sourcing and vetting potential partnerships for commercial and brand fit, to contract negotiation, through to ideation, creative direction, setting KPIs, and analysing and measuring success. 

Get in touch with the team and we can show you how our influencer work for Deliveroo won a SABRE Award; how our influencer programme for Fairgame  led to a sold-out venue for three months; and what happened when we leveraged the social networks of some of the biggest stars on the planet for Nurse Heroes Live!

We are proudly a partner of TikTok on influencer marketing and are part of the TikTok Creator Marketplace programme, providing the Coolr team with access to some of the biggest TikTok stars on the planet!

Coolr, an independent social media agency, can help you up your influencer marketing game.

Influencer Case Studies