Free Now: Cab Chats

FreeNow Hails Tia Kofi.

Coming out of the pandemic, FREE NOW wanted to add some personality to their brand image.

Everyone enjoys a good natter with a cabbie, so we wanted to put FREE NOW’s cabbie characters front and centre of their latest activation. And here we have FREE NOW Presents Cab Chats Trivia.

`Queen of Clapham` and Drag Race icon, Tia Kofi, put London cabbies to the test in the debut episode of FREE NOW Presents Cab Chats Trivia.

Jumping from cab to cab, Tia took our contestants through London centric trivia questions as part of a six-minute IGTV episode.

This content provided FREE NOW with a new face(s) and tone of voice, the light hearted, sarcastic nature of the creative was well received, resulting in this being the most organically viewed piece of content that FREE NOW has ever published.

As part of this campaign, Tia posted from her own channels, we implemented an accompanying paid plan, and we also ran a series of competitions for FREE NOW followers to win prizes.

In terms of success, this campaign generated a hugely positive sentiment, we managed to reach over 1.5 million people and we achieved an average engagement rate that was 66% higher than the industry standard.