Creating stand out brand social strategies

Social media is a moving target and at Coolr, we help brands to win in this ever-changing landscape. 

And that only happens with a clearly defined plan.

All our client engagements begin by defining a social-first strategy and developing a roadmap for success.

The process starts with a 360-degree social review and audit, this is driven by data, industry and platform insights as well as creative evaluation in equal measure to help define the best way forward.

Our strategic work covers a broad remit including audience mapping and segmentation, competitor analysis, defining the roles of each social platform, visual art direction and of course, KPI & goal setting.

Getting strategic

We also bring a creative approach to the strategic work by developing social-first creative propositions, carving out a social tone of voice, defining how a brand can show up in social culture, influencer mapping and working through a content publishing model.

We strongly believe in aligning social objectives to bigger company goals so ensure the work we do delivers impact and performs value back to the business.

We’re not afraid to ask the hard questions – and then provide transparent answers.

Should this brand live on social?

What channels should the brand play on?

Will the audience engage?

Would anyone share that? 

Why will anyone care?

We often talk about combining “big agency brains” with the “speed and agility of a social publisher” – and this unique approach is what we take to help our clients win in this space.