Samsung: Can You Send Me That?

AI or Samsung technology – who does it better?

Millions of people are talking about AI-generated content on social, but we wanted to show consumers that the Samsung S23 Ultra can deliver just as powerful imagery that includes REAL photography not made by AI. 

To showcase the power of the S23 Ultra’s camera, we challenged followers to ask Samsung to create any image they could imagine, accept it was our Team Galaxy influencers that were behind the camera.

We created an engine room for Team Galaxy with a treasure trove of props, enabling them to fulfil followers’ requests through stunning photos captured on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. In addition to capturing imagery, we wanted Team Galaxy to showcase the phone’s cutting-edge capabilities such as nightography and the remarkable 200MP camera.


With 30,000+ impressions secured over a 6-week period the outcome and a staggering total reach of over 4.5 million.

Beyond visual appeal, the engagement and view rates for each piece surpassed our previous benchmarks on Samsung UK’s channels. We feel this campaign highlighted our commitment to creativity and innovation, delivering exceptional results while riding the wave of the AI trend in social.  

Keenan Lam is one of Team Galaxy’s videography influencers. Keenan created a tutorial around capturing panning shots on the S23 Ultra, giving his own personal touch to content.  

Izhan is one of Team Galaxy’s fashion photography influencers. Izhan used the Zoom features on the S23 Ultra to show our audience how to step up your fashion photography game. 

Evelyn Cheng is one of Team Galaxy’s travel photographers. Here, Evelyn shares with us how she uses the S-Pen to capture her favourite content at Primrose Hill. The content drew inspiration from the Wes Anderson aesthetic, which was trending on social at the time of the campaign.