Twitter’s new in app functionality, Spaces took off in spectacular fashion with a 20 year old from Manchester hosting a viral karaoke competition from his bedroom.

The morning after, all we were talking about was this event, so of course we thought how could we get a brand involved. We thought it would be a natural fit for Deliveroo where we could read out a code at the end of our performance.

Our Social Executive, George, was tasked with learning the rap to the iconic football anthem World in Motion and teed himself up at 10pm to attempt to get into the competition.

The agency was on tenterhooks as to whether we’d manage to get Deliveroo picked but the moment came and George rapped the song, but just as he was about to read out the code, he was cut off!

Twitter went mad, with everyone desperate to find out what the code was, which got Deliveroo up to number 6 in trending topics, achieving cut through in the midst of the GBBO Final and I’m a Celebrity.