Cocktails in Cabs

For the first time taxi hailing app, FREE NOW, partnered with renowned media outlet, Timeout. The basis of this partnership was the annual HotBoozaPalooza event at Vinegar Yard, London Bridge.

To create awareness of the hot cocktail extravaganza we teamed up with Radio 1 DJs, Scott Mills and Chris Stark, giving the pair a lift to check out the venue ahead of the event. But of course, there was a twist. As they were picked up, Scott Mills and Chris Stark were greeted with an array of alcohol and a cocktail making kit. Each DJ was tasked with the challenge of making their own signature cocktail whilst travelling around London in the back of a FREE NOW black cab. The duo tried each others cocktails and the results were disgusting. We ended on the end line… “Wanna try some proper cocktails?”

As part of this campaign FREE NOW is offering every ticket-holder to HotBoozaPalooza 50 percent-off vouchers for the FREE NOW app, so visitors can be assured of a convenient and affordable ride to and from the event.