Burger King & Doritos: The perfect partnership doesn’t exi…

What’s better than an amazing client campaign? It’s when 2 of your biggest clients come together to create one of the most exciting brand collaborations of the year Doritos x Burger King!

This campaign saw us target Gen Z and millennials by unexpectedly bringing together two of the most loved food brands in the social space to create Whopper flavoured Doritos chips.

During the creative brainstorming sessions, we collectively identified that Doritos and Burger King both shared a vision to be rebellious, bold and fun brands. As we’ve been collaborating with Burger King for over 5 years, we know the Whopper is what they are famed for and that this collaboration had real potential.

An unexpected leak on twitter was picked up by our community management team and we responded with cryptic replies to build organic momentum. We then asked Burger King and Doritos to begin interacting with each other in various ways through key social media accounts (primarily Twitter and Instagram), swapping logos and twitter bios.

We also got the two brands to unfollow everybody else on their social accounts apart from each other. Our aim was to create subtle tactics to create hype and intrigue around the partnership without being too obvious.

We then worked collaboratively with Doritos x BK’s PR team to leak footage of their OOH campaign, a ‘flame grilled’ Doritos billboard. The next day we continued to build hype by releasing an image of the classic BK whopper in the shape of a triangle, a nod to both brands colliding.

It all then culminated in an in-store event with influencers and creators, encouraging them to try the product and spread the word amongst their own followers.

To sustain momentum in a unique way, we rigged up some hidden cameras at a Drive-Thru in South London, where we tricked the public into thinking they were receiving a free whopper meal, when actually they were presented with a bag of Whopper flavoured Doritos. We captured their reactions and turned it into a video for Doritos and Burger King’s social channels.


The campaign between Doritos & Burger King was always going to be a success with two highly engaged brand followings coming together for the perfect brand collaboration.

From start to finish we saw an overwhelming show of love for the brands coming together for the biggest partnership of the year!

Both product launches starting with a tease phase which were overwhelmingly successful due to the positive reaction from both communities.

Total Impressions: *15,796,038
Organic Impressions: 65,229
Total Engagements: *229,673
Organic Engagements:  33,537
Organic Engagement Rate: 51.41%

Our Highlights:

Our Doritos unwrapped teaser video gained a whopping 15.7M impressions!