Save Another Way (…the Lidl Way)

“Save Another Way (…the Lidl Way)” combined social first production and festive nostalgia to create a memorable and thumb-stopping campaign that transcended social media. We tapped into one of the biggest and most played Christmas hits in the UK, parodying both the song itself and the music video. This was taken to the next level by working with Tony Mortimer, founding member of East 17, adding a level of high-profile endorsement and furthering the sense of familiarity for viewers.

We introduced the Lidl brand through playful lyrics and visuals featuring the great value of the Lidl Plus app, as well as some of our most popular Christmas products, such as mince pies and panettone.

To make the campaign sing on social, we carefully selected placements and platforms, tailoring the edits to the placement. The full music video lived on YouTube, while 50” cutdowns were placed on Meta and TikTok to drive viewers to the full YouTube video. We utilised the premium TopView placement on TikTok to maximise reach and awareness, while also receiving promotion from TikTok UK’s own channels via their Advent Calendar placement.

The result? Not only did the shorter form video exceed reach results on TikTok and Meta, but the content was engaging enough to drive 977k clicks to watch the full video too! Social sentiment has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans loving the references to the original music video and Tony’s sense of humour in playing along with the parody. And it’s not just consumers who love it – the campaign was awarded Campaign’s Ad of the Day!


– 42.9M people reached across TikTok and Meta (25% above expectation)
– 67.9M impressions across TikTok and Meta
– 118k likes and comments across TikTok and Meta
– 9,848 new followers across Lidl’s TikTok and Meta accounts
– VTR: 24%
– CTR: 1.43% – 977k clicks to full YouTube video
– 130,000 views on YouTube
– Increased positive sentiment across all social channels in Q4 compared to Q3