Launching Quaker Oats on TikTok

Coolr approached Quaker Oats with a proposal to launch on TikTok, taking a somewhat traditional brand into a new frontier. The main objective we set ourselves was to drive brand awareness and engagement, bringing the brand closer to the lo-fi aesthetic of the platform and inspiring users to make Quaker Oats a staple of their breakfast routine. 

The Challenge:

The food category is a highly competitive space on TikTok, where not only brands, but the wider creator community are competing for user’s attention. Not only that, it’s challenging to bring something new to the table. 

The Insight:

People LOVE simple, creative recipes. Having amassed over 284 million views, #BakedOats was trending across the UK. With tens of thousands of videos shared within the span of a week, we knew we had to move fast to not only jump on the trend, but own it.

The Solution:

Our… recipe for success? A trending hashtag, reactive approach and a dash of paid spend. The angle was there – Quaker was the perfect brand fit, but we needed to make sure that our content was adding value. The three videos we produced put their own unique spin on the baked oats recipe craze, using ingredients that are easily accessible, making it easy to give it a try.

The Creative:

The reaction:

Services used:

  • CONTENT: Video production (concepting & shoot, editing)
  • DATA & ANALYTICS: Social Listening, performance monitoring
  • CREATIVE: Copywriting
  • PAID MEDIA: In-feed ads & top-view ads