Coolr Sessions kicks off for 2024!

That’s a wrap on our first #CoolrSessions of the year – ‘Keeping Up With Content’ and it was another sell out! 🙌

Thank you to our brilliant panelists; Elfried Samba, Bex Donald, Boms, and our very own Head of Editorial, James Parker for all your amazing insight. 🌐

For those that couldn’t make it, please find our key takeaways below:

➡ Beware Of Over-Planning

While planning is crucial, avoid over-planning as it can stifle spontaneity. Remaining open to spontaneous ideas and adapting to the current social landscape can lead to more engaging and timely interactions.

➡ Multi-Channel Approach

Leveraging different social platforms will help showcase the different layers of your brand. Tailor your content to each channel and recognise the unique audience and characteristics each platforms hold to help build your brand audience authentically.

➡ Real World Matters

When looking for content inspiration, life outside of social media matters. Real world interactions and every day life can help inspire content that connects with people on and off screen.

➡ Enthusiasm is Key

Infuse enthusiasm into your content. Authentic passion resonates with audiences, making your interactions more genuine and relatable for both brands and people.

➡ Realness Triumphs

Authenticity is crucial. In the world of real interactions, being genuine and true to your brand fosters stronger connections with your audience. Strive for authenticity in both planned and spontaneous content.

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