Savills – The Christmas Bot


Countdown to Christmas

Global property company Savills Property Management had a problem. How do you reach – and more importantly engage – a large, dispersed group of frontline workers such as security guards and cleaners across their managed properties? Cue the AdventBot. A festive Chat bot – with a bit of personality – developed by Coolr to help Savills Property Management boost their internal comms and drive change.

Across the UK, Savills Property Management had taken the bold move to deploy Workplace by Facebook as a vehicle to connect and engage all employees with their internal comms. Over 2,000 people had been added to Workplace. But while their community has a high percentage of active users, most of them were office workers based on desktop computers – and Savills PM desperately wanted to find a way to get more of their people connected on the go; particularly their large frontline work-force of cleaners and building security.

We came up with and built the Adventbot and launched it to the Workplace community via a teaser film. A daily dose of festive humour served through your friendly chat messenger on Workplace. On each day of December leading up to Christmas, our Advent Bot would send out a daily digital Xmas Cracker to all Savills employees to ask if they’re ready to laugh. People would then be served a seasonal gag in a fun and friendly mechanic – with a simple job – just to make them smile…

After setting up the Advent Bot in their Workplace community, Savills PM saw an explosive growth in their employees’ mobile Workplace usage:In the first week of December, the jokes were requested almost 16,000 times, with 65+% of Savills PM’s users interacting with the bot on the first Monday after it was launched. And in that same week, Savills PM saw a 224% increase in mobile usage on Workplace – an achievement that they directly attribute to the Coolr Advent Bot.