Pepsi Max: #ChristmasRefresh

Stealing Christmas from the Other Cola.

The image of Santa, the big jolly man in the red suit with a white beard, has long been perceived to be ‘owned’ by Coca-Cola. But last Christmas, Pepsi Max shook things up with a #ChristmasRefresh to drive engagement and steal share of voice from Coca-Cola. Christmas is when Coca-Cola expects most of its engagement to happen organically, but in 2020 Pepsi MAX showed up and spoiled the party. We injected a new colour to the festive season, commandeering conversations and redirecting social chatter to all things Pepsi MAX.

The super dedicated Coolr team went deep into Pepsi MAX’s channels, reading every comment. We hit the jackpot when we uncovered the ultimate influencers who turned out to be our secret weapon and really helped turbocharge the campaign. The Smithy Family, Pepsi superfans collaborated on content resulting in 11.3 million views and an ROI of 1567%!

Increasing share of voice by 2350% is proof that our hijacking strategy paid off with Pepsi MAX making huge gains on its rival during a key trading period and upending long held traditions