Deliveroo: No Place Like Home 🌈

How we celebrated PRIDE with Deliveroo.

Pride is something we like to celebrate loudly at Coolr.

16% of our team identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community and we’re always thinking of authentic ways for our clients to mark this important time.

When we were approached by our longstanding client Deliveroo about devising a bespoke influencer campaign to raise awareness around Pride, we were thrilled to get involved.

Deliveroo already have a programme called Deloveroo which provides allyship and support to riders, partners and customers in the LGBTQIA+ community so we were confident in the authenticity of the campaign.

After a creative brainstorm, we felt that a personal approach would help elevate the content and give the campaign vital authenticity. We developed an idea focusing on real life stories, where talent could speak about their coming out story.

Our intention was to highlight the diversity within the LGBTQIA+ community and hear from a range of voices and the influencers we partnered with deliberately came from different backgrounds.

By leaning into our influencer’s personal stories we knew the content would have a warmth and a personal touch and positive sentiment came flooding in.

  1. Andrew Spanndy

AD | First time I’ve spoken about my coming out story online!! Treating ourselves to some delicious munch from @Bleecker Burger – one of @Deliveroo ‘s LGBTQIA+ inclusive restaurants 🫶🏼 #PrideMonth #lgbt #comingoutstory

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  1. Twiggy Jalloh  


  1. Tom (The Drag Queen Gardener)