Twinings: Change it Up

On a Mission to Change up Water!

Twinings wanted to launch Cold In’fuse – their first ever product that infuses with cold water, not hot. This was big news for Twinings; it’s a product designed for a younger, urban, millennial audience – who were favouring cold water bottles over china tea cups.

How do you reposition a traditional British tea company, that is over 250 years old with a new, hip millennial audience – whilst launching an entirely new product category at the same time?

We recruited seven influencers who were each allocated a specific day of the week for a total of one month. This meant daily content flooded the Instagram feeds. The influencers were segmented based on passion points – but also with overlapping audiences to ensure consumers saw multiple content posts.

The Cold In’fuse campaign saw known and loved influencers doing new and interesting things. We saw influencers #ChangeItUp in many ways, from trying at-home Pilates and speed work training in the gym to changing their usual morning workout to a hike up to a beautiful look out point, to exploring new cities and trying new adventure theme park rides! They were literally changing up their content and disrupting their routines…


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