We Won A TikTok Ad Award!

We won ‘Greatest Creative’ at the TikTok for Business Ad Awards, and it’s all thanks to our fantastic collaboration with Accenture Song, OMD UK and our client Lidl GB!

The winning masterpiece? Our TikTok activation titled ‘Ode to Bakery‘—a celebration of the love for Lidl Bakery. 🎉

How did it work? At the heart of the campaign was a re-recording of the iconic 90s hit ‘Set You Free,’ with a delightful twist. The lyrics were crafted based on real customers’ tweets expressing their adoration for the Lidl Bakery. This unique approach not only resonated with the audience but also set the stage for an engaging and interactive experience. To amp up the excitement and encourage user participation, we introduced the Open Verse Challenge. TikTok users were invited to duet with the song, adding their own creative spin to the lyrics.

The result? A harmonious blend of nostalgia, community, and the undeniable love for Lidl’s freshly baked goods. Our strategic approach didn’t stop at the creative; we also implemented a multi-faceted advertising strategy and the metrics speak for themselves:

  • 20.9 million impressions
  • View-through rate of 39%
  • Click-through rate of 1%

But the success story extends beyond the platform. A comprehensive brand lift study revealed an astonishing 32.3% ad recall uplift. The campaign not only captured attention but also positively influenced brand favourability and recommendation for Lidl’s bakery offerings.

This achievement is a testament to the power of collaboration. Working hand-in-hand with Accenture Song and OMD UK, we orchestrated a campaign that struck the right chords with the audience and left a lasting impression.

Well done team Lidl GB!