Threads: Our First Impression 

Threads, What Is It? 

Threads is a new platform that was released overnight by Meta as a rival to Twitter, the launch coincides with a period of dissatisfaction with Twitter since Elon Musk’s takeover.  

Following the launch, Threads currently has over 10 million users, which shows its credibility as a Twitter challenger.  

Coolr Initial Thoughts

– Combining users’ Instagram followers was a smart move, as it has already allowed over 10 million users to join the platform! 

– The algorithm means verified accounts get feed priority and the most engaging posts get shared to more people. Other than that, you’ll see a chronological timeline of posts from the people you follow. 

–  We’ve already seen a number of brands start posting on the platform, the content they are posting currently mirrors their Twitter content with creative and tone of voice. Our current recommendation is cross-posting certain twitter content and creating some bespoke Threads content.  

– The content is short-form whilst everyone works it out. It’s a straight copy of Twitter where quick wit is important. 

– The ability to post images could take focus away from Stories.

– There are no trending feeds yet, meaning it’s difficult to keep track of the current conversation users are having. Although we expect something like this to be included in an early update. 

– There is currently no pay to play model for the platform, which means brands need to capitalise on the initial excitement around the platform and post engaging organic content.  

5 First Threads We’ve Liked:

What Should Your Brand Do? 

It’s a good idea to get a few posts up on there to secure the initial rush of engagement and following, as the platform evolve look at bespoke strategies. 

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