First Thursday Lifts Off 🚀

We had a fantastic debut ‘First Thursday’ at Coolr this morning, our new monthly company-wide meeting, diving deep into the vibrant world of Social. 🌐

Here are some key discussions that caught our attention: 👀

1️⃣ Audio on TikTok – what’s next? 🎵
TikTok, a tool for emerging artists, faces a twist with Universal cutting all its music on the app. Will this change the dynamics for smaller music artists moving forward and how will we all cope without Taylor Swift’s music on TT? We’re hopeful for a positive solution…

2️⃣ TikTok Carousel Trend 🔄
We’re anticipating a surge in the carousel trend on TikTok. Simple, Instagram-like formats may help attract a new wave of followers and the content is easy to create for brands. Will we witness a shift from static posts on Instagram in favour of even more TikTok content?

3️⃣ Shareability on the Rise ♻️
From Lime bikes to Vinted, the rise in reusing items for sustainability is clear. How can this translate into Social? We’re thinking ‘A Day In The Life’ for items, not just humans, could be a fun start.

4️⃣ TikTok Shop 🛍️
TikTok became the new Google, but will it soon be the next Amazon? We’re keeping a close eye on the growing potential of TikTok shop and how this will impact the brands we work with.

5️⃣ Anti-Girly Empowerment 🌸
While 2023 TikTok showcased uber-girly content, we’re excited about the rise in content breaking stereotypes in 2024. With TikTok showing women doing DIY, fixing cars and everything in between, this trend proves that girls can really do anything and everything! 💪