A Tale of Three Tweets

When Apprentice TV Star, Lord Sugar, asked his huge Twitter following why anyone would order Pepsi over the other cola… we couldn’t let it lie.

We know Pepsi ranks better in the taste tests (Pepsi Challenge anyone?) and we also know that one thing that makes Pepsi Max so great is that it free from… sugar!

So we hit Lord Sugar with a social response that set Twitter ALIGHT!

OK Boomer. It’s all about maximum taste and NO SUGAR, 😉

Pepsi Max quickly began trending on Twitter as people enjoyed the friendly rivalry and conversation.

Lord Sugar is not normally a man who likes to admit to being wrong… but in this instance the wisdom of Twitter actually made him see the light.

He quietly went away and decided to try Pepsi for himself (unprompted) and just a few weeks later posted that he had become a Pepsi convert and that it tastes better than his beloved Coke Zero.